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Credge offers an intensive program on UI/UX design. Learn the art of Designing, understand the different Principles of UI/UX, set up User flows, create your own Prototypes and you’re all set to become the most-sought after UI/UX designer.

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6-8 weeks


Live Interactive Classes

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Module 1: Design Thinking Process
  • Design Thinking process
  • Difference between UI/UX Design
  • Understanding Project brief
  • Visual Design Vs Interaction Design
  • What is User research
  • How to carry out interviews for user research Research Analysis
  • How to Analyse User statements Understanding Goals and Frustrations
Module 3: User Journey Analysis
  • Affinity Analysis
  • How to create User Persona and Scenarios User Journey and Story Board
  • Understanding Mental Model and Cognitive load UX Laws
Module 4: Introduction to Wire-framing
  • Grids and Layouts Designing Mock Screens
  • Understanding Wireframes & Creating different Types of wireframes 
Module 5: User Journey Flow chart
  • User flow creation
  • Navigation patterns
  • Sitemap creation
Module 6: UI Design Principles
  • Android v.s. IOS
  • Understanding prototype animations Designing for Mobile App, Desktop
  • Understanding and conducting the Heuristic Evaluation
Module 7: Paving User Flows
  • User flows
  • Understanding & creating Navigation Patterns
  • Sitemap Creation
  • Mental Model in UX design
  • Creating User journey maps
Module 8: High Fidelity Design
  • High fidelity wireframes
  • UI components
  • Understanding Wireflow
  • Introduction to Google Material Design
  • Core UI Design Concept
  • Interaction design
Module 9: Interaction Design Principles
  • Interaction design
  • Understanding UX Laws and Significances
  • UX writing
  • Affordances & Signifiers
Module 10: Introduction to Adobe XD
  • Understanding Tools and Features of Adobe XD
  • Best UI/UX Design Reference on web
  • Examples of Good and Bad UI
  • UI Design and its Resources
Module 11: Adobe XD: VISUAL Design
  • Understanding Color Psychology How to use Colors in UI
  • Understanding and Creating Moodboard (Brand Guidelines) Typography
  • Various plugins and resources for Colors and Typography
Module 12: Adobe XD Designing MOCKUP
  • Designing mock screens in Adobe XD
  • Prototyping in Adobe XD
  • Introduction to Various Triggers
  • Actions and Proto Typing Functions Signifiers and Affordance (Scrutiny Process) A/B Testing
Module 13: ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Essentials
  • Tools and Features
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Images Manipulations and Color Corrections
  • Practical Implementation
Module 14: Visual Design Practical
  • Applying Color and Typography to screens
  • How to Improve your Visual Design Aesthetic key Components
  • Useful plugins to create a User Interface
  • Create SHAPE Design
  • Designing Elements / VECTOR
Module 17: Color Psychology
  • How to use colors in UI Creating mood board
  • Creating color palettes
  • Wireframes refinement based on Heuristic Evaluation
  • Understanding color psychology
Module 18: Advance Portfolio Creativity
  • Understanding different Portfolio Platforms
  • Articulation of Thinking Process
  • Design Strategy
  • Execution Description
Module 19: Preparation for Interview
  • Portfolio Review Portfolio Presentation
  • How to create a perfect UI UX Designer Resume
Module 20: Mock Interview
  • Tips and tricks on how to Crack UI UX Design Interview
  • Mock Interview

Tools you will learn

  • FIGMA™

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