success stories

The InternEdge Program helped me identify a problem statement and then helped me and my team build a project which I can showcase to my dream colleges. This project is one of the important activities that I have on my resume and my common app activities list. The project helped me demonstrate my creative and problem solving skills, leadership skills and collaboration skills

Also the guidance and advice I received from Credge instructors and mentors were exquisite. Breaking down high-level concepts of AI is no easy task, but our Credge mentor did so at a level high schoolers could understand. Our mentor was also very accommodating, considering the number of activities we had in high school. I would highly recommend the InternEdge program to all high school students.

Ayush U

Greenwood High International School

The Credge Artificial Intelligence program is one of the best programs I have ever attended in all my high school years. The Program taught me all the essential background information needed in order to start an independent research on the applications of artificial intelligence and I was able to collaborate with my peers for bringing into practical use my research.
I would like to thank the entire Credge Team. They have changed my path of thinking. There are multiple different programs under Credge. I encourage all of you to sign up for the ones you think you would be the best-fit for. It is a wonderful journey and given the opportunity, each one you out there you should definitely consider this as an option to develop your knowledge and boost your applications.

Aditi V

Indus International School, Bangalore, UC Berkeley

The CrEdge Data Science program helps you identify your true passions and the mentors and professors guide you to create a project which helps in creating a compelling college application for highly selective universities. Before I joined the program, I had no idea on how to create a project that will WOW the admissions committee. I also did not know how to showcase the project ahead of time to the colleges before my actual college applications began.
Credge has a dedicated team in the US and Canada which makes sure our projects are reviewed by the admissions officers of the Top Colleges before I apply to the colleges.

Cindy L

Monta Vista High School-Cupertino-California, Stanford University

AI captivated me as a fascinating fast-growing science full of potential that, with the
right oversight can provide groundbreaking technologies that can help society and the world as a whole. The Credge AI program exceeded my expectations. The mentors and professors were top-notch. The program is structured in a way that anyone can get a good understanding of AI and ML. The capstone projects helped me showcase my abilities to the admissions committees. I got admits from various Top colleges including my dream university- Stanford University

Varun S

Greenwood High International School, Stanford University

This program has helped me develop skills like critical thinking and logical reasoning which I am certain helped me in universities and has presented me as a strong candidate. The projects done during the course helped in creating additional activities for my common app.  Additionally, I have been able to add another skill to my profile, especially one as useful as Data Science, which has helped strengthen my application. The US team of Credge helped in branding and marketing my application and profile to the US universities. I was finally accepted to my dream university UPenn.
Ananya S

Aditya Birla World School, UPenn

CrEdge allowed me to portray proficiency in Computer Science and AI, as I hadn’t taken any computer science classes in school during my 11th and 12th grade. Moreover, the different projects we undertook showed that I could not only complete projects successfully, but could also collaborate with a global team and work under a mentor. The Credge mentors helped me with any doubts that I had and they were always available to check my progress and motivate me to do better. I would definitely recommend the Credge program to all high school students.
Jeet V

Greenwood High International School

The Credge AI Program adds a lot of value to your college application process. The program is very rigorous but it is a life-changing opportunity. You can choose between a less time-intensive program or a more time-intensive program. Even if you have no idea about any projects, Credge professors and mentors will brainstorm various ideas and make it super easy for you to start. There is an extensive support system built into the program. Besides support from your professor, you will have support from mentors, program coordinators etc. The completed project will be on the Credge e- portal which is shared with the admissions teams of top colleges in the US and globally.

Lee Thuan

Singapore International School, Yale University

The Credge team knew exactly how to showcase the projects to the admissions committees at various colleges. The program helped me design a prototype for a project for the ATL Marathon. It helped me program the device and we also got selected for the next round of the competition. Since the Credge program has taught me how to use AI and build an exceptional passion project, I was also able to add it as an external course in my College application. 

Hita A

Vidyashlip Academy

I have attended a lot on online programs but the Credge Data Science program is the best program that I have attended till date. The content, instructors and the training methods of Credge were awesome. CrEDGE also enabled me to interact with like-minded students with whom I formed a team and built a machine learning model that helps detect melanoma. We were also provided with a PhD mentor who guided us throughout the process. Through the program, not only did I learn about the exhilarating field of AI and Data Science but I also got to improve my team skills, understand my true passion and also build my college resume. Mentorship is the best part of the program. I had regular sessions with my mentor and she would help me understand difficult concepts. She also helped me with my passion project which ultimately helped me stand out from the competition when I started applying to colleges in USA and Canada. I got admits in multiple top colleges in both the countries.

Nachiket R

National Public School-HSR, UIUC Grainger College of Engineering and University of Waterloo ( Full Scholarship)

Artificial Intelligence is not considered a course which high school students are expected to know. Having this knowledge and doing projects can show one’s interest in learning as well as highlight various other skills which colleges consider while making admissions decisions . Considering AI can be applied anywhere, applying AI to one’s field of interest can enhance one’s college application. In my case, I made an AI model that predicts the gears of a car. I also worked on another very exciting  project. These projects helped me stand out in the college applications process.

Rajarshi D

Greenwood High International School

I joined the InternEdge program by Credge and started working on a very innovative idea. When I was not able to make any progress on my idea, InternEdge mentors helped me to gain traction and provide a basis for the whole project structure. With the help of InternEdge, I was able to collaborate with a team and finish the project: making an idea come to reality. This project played a significant role in my college profile as it relates to my major and could be a viable solution to a pressing global issue. The instructors and mentors in the InternEdge program have been nothing but helpful. I always got lightning-fast responses whenever I felt the need to contact the InternEdge team who guided me flawlessly through the whole program. The mentor also went out of the way and demonstrated a few practice activities to help me gain an additional understanding of the syllabus taught. Despite the numerous roadblocks we encountered when making the project, we were able to navigate around them and develop a working product.
Gautham S

Greenwood International High School, Northeastern University