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 CREDGE- Creating an Edge in the College Admissions Process

 CREDGE is a global learning and profile building platform curated for high school students. We aim to get students admitted to their dream colleges by helping them build an impressive high school profile while demonstrating their curiosity and passion for learning. Our programs and passion projects are curated by world-class professors and industry leaders to bring in a Complete and Holistic Virtual Learning experience thus building an extraordinary profile that is hard for any college to miss.


“Education is the Engine while tech is the fuel”

We, at Credge, thrive to educate and fuel up the career growth of high school and undergrad students along with helping them create a “STAND-OUT” profile in the college admissions process whilst also promoting inclusive and balanced quality education through future-driven courses and projects in Data Science, Robotic Process Automation, Big data, AI, deep learning and courses/projects in many other fields like Finance, Marketing, Media/Journalism, Medicine thus enabling them to get a firm grip over the future and an acceptance from a top university

CREDGE  is an integrated learning platform for learners of all ages. A student’s grades don’t tell the whole story. Colleges want community leaders, entrepreneurs, creative problem-solvers, social advocates, and critical thinkers. Driven by world-class scholars, professors from top universities and mentors from prestigious companies all across the world, we aim to bring in a complete and holistic learning experience for all students helping then gain a competitive edge in the college admsissions journey

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here is our current management team 

Patricia Nelson- Director, Credge Programs

With over 20 years of experience guiding students through the Profile building process, Patricia has helped countless students earn admissions to the world’s highest-ranked universities including Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, Duke, Brown, MIT, Johns Hopkins, UChicago, Princeton, Columbia, Oxford, UToronto, NUS and a multitude of other top-50 universities.

Patricia has a comprehensive understanding of the profile building process and how students can leverage their unique qualities and figure out their unique selling point and highlight it to the admissions committee.

Patricia is an Ivy League graduate from Yale and loves to share her insights and help students and families navigate the complex profile building process and help then gain a competitive advantage in the competitive college admissions process.

Russell Rogers – Advisor and Mentor

Russell is a Silicon Valley leader and innovator. The majority of his professional life has focused on leading and driving innovation, business development, new technology commercialization and professional services with a strong focus on design thinking.
He advises, leads, and partners with individuals, organizations, and institutions to bring technology and fresh thinking to solve problems and create new opportunities. He consults to the Fortune 500, the military, and startups in the US and other countries around the world.
He was recently a key member of the COVID-19 Task Force on Digital Transformation and Innovation for the United States Air Force
He is a passionate collaborator and an experienced public speaker and negotiator. He is also passionate about healthcare, public safety and improving the human experience.
Russell is an alumnus of Harvard, MIT and Stanford.

Muskan Tripathi – Global Program Manager

Muskan is the Global Program Manager for Credge. She is responsible for defining process workflows for various product lines, creating roadmaps and dashboard which informs the Leadership team on the current status of various initiatives. She is responsible for the Credge program schedules, release schedules and milestones. She is the single point of contact for the global team from US, Singapore and India.
Prior to Credge, Muskan has held managerial positions at leading global college counseling brands. In her previous company , she was responsible for creating effective marketing strategies and spearheaded the launch of the “LeapStart” programs. She also managed high-impact programs and designed scalable processes with the vision of improving overall student experiences, team productivity and growth.

Jeff Friedfeld – Senior Director, InternEdge

Jeff has over a decade of experience in the higher education field, ranging from profile curation, enrollment management, student support services, student life and other areas.

Jeff has deep experience helping students develop a unique profile through the right courses, projects, summer programs, internships and research papers. He has successfully helped students navigate the complex admission process with  curated profile building strategies.

Jeff is an alumnus of Princeton University and worked as an admissions reader at Johns Hopkins University.


Alegra Wolter – Chief Mentor

Alegra is an insightful medical doctor with the passion for mental health. Her work experiences in medicine, research, and health technology have brought creativity and versatility to her work-style approach. She is strongly committed to helping others in reaching their full potential in life. She seeks to empower people, by dispelling the myths and stigmas surrounding physical and mental illnesses. She believes that true holistic care can only be achieved by a personalized approach.

Solving health problems on the grassroots level have sharpened her leadership skills. In the professional area, she has been working on programs and research projects dedicated to empowering marginalized communities (including people living with HIV/AIDS, people with mental illnesses, sex workers, gender and sexual minorities). In social life, she managed to volunteer with several NGOs dedicated to supporting human rights, health, and diversity. She believes that her personal experience of adversity has brought her into the path of resilience and adaptability.

She is a mentor and advisor to several high school and college students and advises them on various research programs and projects.

Senior Director – Sales & Marketing

Katrina R. – Senior Director, Sales & Marketing

Katrina is the Senior Director of Sales and Marketing at Credge. She is responsible for driving the overall sales for Credge. She has several years of hands-on experience in product-market fit, go-to-market fit, growth funnels, customer advocacy, marketing automation and account-based growth. She has personally executed profitable campaigns managing millions of dollars in budgets for major brands like Pepsico and Coca-Cola. She has headed global teams focused on sales, marketing and customer success. She is fanatical about lifetime value, retention, on-boarding, consistent experimentation, repeatable processes, and scalable systems. She is an alumnus of Yale University.

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