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Credge brings you the best-in-class AI certification program specially designed for high school students. Dive deep into the world of AI, understand the basics of the advanced concepts like Deep learning, Keras, Tensorflow  Convolutional Neural Networks, Vectorization and a lot more and start applying your AI knowledge in Real-world.

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Module 1: Introduction to Python
  • Learn how to manipulate datasets in Python using Pandas which is the most powerful library for data preparation and analysis.
Module 2: Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Regression (Linear, Multiple and Logistic)
  • Classification (K-NN, Naive Bayes) techniques
  • Decision Trees
  • K-means Clustering
  • Hierarchical Clustering
  • High-dimensional Clustering
  • Case Study
Module 3: Neural Network Basics
  • Deep Neural Networks
  • TensorFlow using Neural Networks & Deep Learning
  • Introduction to Keras, Pytorch
  • ANN
  • Case Study
Module 4: Deep Learning and Computer Vision
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Keras Library for Deep Learning in Python
  • Pre-processing Image Data
  • Object and Face recognition using OpenCV
  • Case Study
Module 5: Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition
  • Statistical NLP and text similarity
  • Text Summarization
  • Syntax and Parsing techniques
  • Semantics and Generation
  • Scikit Learn NLP imports 
  • Case Study
Module 6: Reinforcement Learning
  • Value based methods 
  • Q-learning
  • Policy-based methods


  • Hand-Written Digit Classification using CNN (Convolutional Neural Network)
    To build a model which can identify handwritten digits by classifying them. Object recognition and categorization using Convolutional Neural Network with the help of Keras and Tensorflow.
  • News Classification using NLP
    This project guides the classification of news with the help of SUPERVISED LEARNING TEXT PRE-Processing.
  • Self-driving Automobiles
    AI-powered automobile systems that are featured with self-driving, are yet another huge project that follows machine learning and neural network algorithms to go through its decision-making processes. It consumes and uses large amounts of data from its image recognition systems in order to function properly. So overall its primary algorithmic tasks involve object detection and object classification.
  • Biometric AI-Facial Recognition
    Using deep learning, Biometric Artificial Intelligence captures a person’s facial texture and facial recognition such as eye retina, nose, face shape, lips, etc. Not only is this used in the security department to identify people, but also is used for government-citizen documentation, phone unlocking, and many more times. The most commonly used AI-powered software for phone unlocking that makes your smartphones smarter are Android Basic Facial Technology, Apple Face ID and Samsung Iris Technology.
  • Disease Prediction Project
    Owing to the fact that most people die of various Heart Diseases (HD), Researchers have used Artificial Intelligence to predict heart disease using neural networks. This system takes the help of Data Science in order to process the huge amounts of data produced in the healthcare field. This AI Project simply automates the prediction process to avoid the risk pertaining to follow it and so alerts the patient well in advance so that the necessary precautions could be taken.

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